This course is (International Business)I NDDED THIS ASSIGNMENT FOR 2 DIFFERENT STUDENTS WITH THE SAME TEACHER ( 2 DIFFERENT COPIES FOR 2)· Tell us about your major, background, interests, expectations of this course, and any other things that you would like to share with us. Specifically, include in your introduction the following course relevant information:· What experience do you have living and or working outside the USA.· Where have you traveled? Include a list of all the countries that you have traveled to and a brief description of those experiences?· What languages do you know?· How does international business feature in, or affect, your future career plans?· What are the opportunities/benefits and challenges/disadvantages of international business for companies and national economies? Net net – do you believe that International business creates opportunities and benefits to your home country’s Economy, or challenges and disadvantages? Should the US Government regulate to promote or curtail international business activity? (Explain)You should also post at least 2 follow up comments (I will upload later)

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