International Business Journal Article

This monitoring and assessment tool is used to report on whether youread and understand, whether you assimilate the knowledge, whether you develop enquiry ability, whether you have the potential to conduct critical thinking and whether you can reflect on the knowledge accumulated by relating to real situations. It will be considered as evidence on the effectiveness of the learning process for individual student.

Step 1: Select any International Business journal article from the e-library preferably EMERALD on any international business topics related to your course syllabi.

Step 2: Take the approval of your instructor to avoid duplication and ensure the journal quality and article relevance.

Step 2:Read the article properly and make a 4-page report and power point presentation which should answer the below mentioned:

In the first section, summarize the article.

In the second section, list the key learning points from within the article.

In the third section, explain how could you apply the subject matter from the article in a real case from the UAE?

Note: For this group assignment, you have to submit your Written report, PowerPoint presentation and a soft copy of the journal article. Kindly present your case in the sequence of your class group number as allocated by the instructor. Each group shall present for a duration of 15 minutes each followed by 5 minutes’ presentation.

Note: Please refer the sample posted on the Blackboard.

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