International Law and Justice

The assignment consists of watching a congressional hearing (live or past), and writing a 3-5 page paper reflection of it (double spaced).  The assignment, for those that choose to do it, is due the day of the final exam, December 16, 2010, and you will get up to five extra points on your final grade (after it’s been calculated), depending on the quality of the assignment.  The paper should include a summary of the hearing, who was a part of it, what the issues discussed were and any international legal dimensions to what was being discussed.  You should surface the issues, principles and  concepts related to international law that we have discussed throughout the semester and analyze them in your paper.  Some examples of what to look for and include are: Why is this issue of international importance, and who are the main actors involved? What are the implications for action on this issue, who is affected and who should be a part of the discussion? What repercussions are possible and what are the international legal issues triggered by that?  What do they each entail? What is state responsibility here, to act or not act? What are the underlying political motivations, and how does that enter, or not, the legal questions presented? What are the related issues that would have to be considered, and how should they be brought up, and by who? What are the consequences of taking the route discussed?  What are possible alternatives?  What are the international considerations for each? For committee hearings, I recommend the following sites, although you can choose an alternate (as long as the subject is relevant to class topics):   Public International Law (Fourth Edition) Alina Kaczorowska Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Senate Armed Services Committee: House Foreign Relations Committee:

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