International Marketing

International Marketing Management IntroductionThe assignment consists in the exportation of maple syrup from Canada to Switzerland. Product: Canadian Maple syrup Country: CanadaHost country: SwitzerlandIn this assignment, you will investigate the benefit of each of the market-entry modes available for the marketing of your product. You will also evaluate the interactions between your chosen market-entry mode and target country (i.e., host country) as well as the product or service of choice for your project. With this information you will design a product strategy to satisfy the needs of your target market. The information from this assignment forms another section of your international marketing plan, International Marketing Management.Instructionsusing double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman font as per the following parameters:Part I: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis (50 marks)Discuss the implications of the following variables for your international marketing plan:Customers: Describe the target customers as best as you can. Use demographic, psychographic, behavioral, cultural, or geographic segmentation. If applicable, consider both business-to-business clients and business-to-consumer customers (20 marks).Characteristics of the market: Use recent secondary research data to identify the size of the market potential and the demand for your product. How is the marketing level in the host country in relation to its level of economic development? Briefly discuss relevant growth factors and information technology. Does your host country show a sophisticated marketing orientation? Does your target segment include any characteristics of the bottom-of-the-pyramid markets? (20 marks).Discuss patterns of multinational cooperation and trade association relevant for you project (10 marks).Part II: Market-Entry Mode (40 marks)Consider the pros and cons of three possible market-entry mode strategies from the ones discussed in Chapter 12 of your textbook (e.g., exporting, contractual agreements, international alliances, foreign direct investment, or other/hybrid arrangement) (20 marks).Which mode of entry are you planning to apply and why? Justify your market-entry choice(s) (10 marks).Discuss briefly the organizational approach for your project: centralized, regionalized, or decentralized decision making (10 marks).

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