International Marketing

All following details must be follow, it is compulsory to have industry in both part of this report. No more than 2500 words please. It should be have a summary on this report. Must follow every instruction please. Final Report Structure: ·         Cover Page ·         Table of contents ·         Introduction ·         Each Individual Section Documented ·         Summary ·         Bibliography ·         Word Count (minus Bibliography)   In the Second Half of this Semester you have studied 2 Modules (International Law and Ethics and Intercultural Competence for Market Entry).   Using the concepts, you have learned in class identify how you would plan to Introduce a Canadian machinery or Cereals into Australia or New Zealand.   There are 2 Parts of the report. Part 1 and Part 2.   For each Part, define in your own words what is the essence of the Module (Topic). You will need to cite at least 1 Industry example where the content from this module is applied in the chosen company (A Canadian business example in this industry). Identify how the theory we have discussed in class applies practically in this Industry to this concept in developing a plan to allow a Canadian machinery or Cereals to Australia or New Zealand Market. Identify the type of clothing product and which country this product will be introduced (Aus or NZ) to in relation to concepts discussed in Modules 3 and 4. Make sure you account for all the CSR, Legal and Cultural difference between Canada and this country (Aus or NZ).   Part 1: Define in your own words why International Laws are an important factor for International Trade. Explain in your own words the different elements of International law like International Contracts, Ethics, Intellectual Property Laws, Corporate Social Responsibility. Please use your own words to explain these concepts. Also describe what is the impact of Culture on International trade (Hofstede Model, Meyer’s Model and Societal Model) You can provide examples for each element by comparing Canada vs a Foreign market.   Part 2: Identify the type of Canadian machinery or Cereals you will export from Canada to Australia or New Zealand, in relation to concepts discussed in Modules 3 (International Trade Laws) and 4. (Culture and International Trade). Make sure you account for all the CSR, Legal and Cultural difference between Canada and this country (Australia or New Zealand). List all of difference in these areas between Canada and this market and how you plan to overcome differences between two markets for a successful market entry. Identify specific international laws (e,g Trade treaties, Trade laws, Trade agreement negotiations, Local laws, Ethics, Intellectual Property, Corporate Social Responsibility) and cultural differences (e.g Hofstede Model, Meyer Model, Society Model). You need to cite at least 1Candaian company example which has exported consumer product to this market and how they did it.     You should summarize your documentation in 750 words or less for each Part (Part 1 + Part 2 – 1500 words). Please use your own words and paraphrase the research you plan to cite instead of copy and paste of source content.   After documenting 2 Parts, summarize in your own words now your understanding of the contents of these chosen modules based upon in class lecture and your Research experience from this assignment. How will this help you develop an international market entry strategy.   Overall report should be less than 2500 words. Choose any Font Type provided it is used consistently in the document. Spacing should be (single spacing). Document should be professionally written. Microsoft Word Document needs to be created and uploaded into the Drop Box. Min requirement is 1 industry reference per Part of this report.

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