International Monetary Fund

For this written assignment, first, read the article “The IMF and a New Global Politics of Inequality?”. I will upload it.  Next, use the following questions to guide your analysis of the article: 1.      Is the IMF in effect causing and/or contributing to inequality? 2.      What policies, after reading the article, do you think would work best in reducing inequality in developing countries. Do not just repeat what the IMF identified in Figure 1, but carefully and thoughtfully select some policies that you think would make a difference and explain your thinking; use sources to support your arguments. Requirements: 1. First, write an introduction that includes a brief overview of the article, identifying the issue.  2. Next, use the two questions above to write the body of your document; do not repeat the questions or number them in your paper.  3. Lastly, write a conclusion.  4. Minimum word count: 600; include a cover page and a separate reference page.

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