International System

This exam tests for your ability to integrate and analyze materials from classroom lecture and discussion; assigned readings; in-class handouts and your own reading of the foreign and domestic press. I expect that you will use outside sources, but you must footnote them! So be aware that I will be extremely disappointed if you hand in reams of undigested text ripped off from some undeclared source –such as a Wikipedia article. I will, on the other hand, be well pleased if you do research on your own which is properly footnoted. Remember we academics live and die by our words and thoughts – stealing them will not be tolerated in our community!II Discuss ONE of the following essay questions in an essay of several pages with citations where needed.3. For the realists the nation state is the main and most powerful organizational actor in the current international system. For liberals and constructivists other kinds of organizations are eroding state power at different levels of international organization. What kinds of organizations are the critics talking about? Give an example of one Regional Intergovernmental Organization that seems to contradict the realist argument that the security dilemmas of the nation state is the main problem in International Relations.

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