Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication (COM 204) Paper Description Self-Analysis Assignment Full-sentence outline due on October 15 before class begins Due in Dropbox before class begins on November 17.   Part One (2-3 pages) Self-Analysis: 1.     What is your communication challenge? Have your friends, family members or relationship partners ever pointed out this problem/challenge to you in the past? Please offer 2-3 very specific examples of how this communication problem is operative in your life. How does it affect your ability to establish and maintain relationships with friends, family, relationship partners, colleagues, etc? Does this communication problem ever affect your ability to succeed in school or at work? 2.     On a scale of 1 (not at all) -10 (very much so) rate how much this communication problem affects your relationships and day-to-day interactions with others.  Be sure you are selecting a communication problem that needs to be improved. Complete a self-assessment to determine where you fall (low, moderate, high) on communication-based personality measures (i.e. CA, WTC, argumentativeness, assertiveness, HO, AO, etc). Does your score accurately reflect your “problem” or communication challenges? Be sure to include your actual score in your paper and state whether it is high, moderate or low (using the score interpretation information). 3.     Be sure to identify your communication problem and accurately define it (high WTC, high CA, low assertiveness, high argumentativeness, high humour orientation). Consider using definitions from your textbook or identified readings (book chapters, journal articles, websites, expert opinions, etc).   Part Two (4-5 pages) Research Summary:  1.     Identify a minimum of 3 sources (other than textbook) that address your communication problem. At least two sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles. The remaining source may be a website, book chapter, magazine article, encyclopedia article, conference paper, etc. Be sure to examine your sources closely and evaluate their credibility: what are the authors’ credentials; when was the book or article published; how credible/reliable/valid is the website (who sponsored the site, how strong is the writing, when was the site updated). Critically evaluate your sources and make sure they are the best ones to use for your paper.  2.     State whether the researcher used quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods to conduct the research. How do you know the research was quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods? Summarize the research. The research should address some of these questions: How does this communication trait affect family, work, platonic or romantic communication and relationships? What are the benefits and drawbacks associated with this communication behavior, trait or characteristic? How does the research shed light on this trait and its relationship to other variables? What suggestions do the researchers/authors have for managing this communication problem and reducing the negative effects associated with the problem? 3.     Action Plan: In the final sections of the paper, include a brief action plan for making changes related to your communication challenge. Advance at least three specific changes you will make to improve your communication.   Guidelines: 1.     Minimum of 7 pages maximum of 9 (not including title page and reference page). 2.     Paper should include an introduction, thesis/goal statement, conclusion and appropriate transitions and reflect the ideas you presented in the full sentence outline taking into account my comments back to you on that assignment. 3.     Adhere to Sixth Edition APA guidelines: title page, reference page, sources cited accurately, double space, left justify only, running head, etc.

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