Interpreting Revelation

You are allowed to choose a passage of your preference from anywhere in Revelation. Your passage should contain a complete idea or story. You should not start in the middle of something or cut a unit off early. Generally, your selection should be at least 3 verses long but no longer than 10 verses.
Once you have chosen your passage. You will want to read it closely, attending to its overall flow, the structure of sentences, key nouns, key verbs, and any important descriptive elements. Then you will want to consider the four contexts (immediate, literary, cultural-historical, and canonical) and see how they may inform your understanding of the passage. Remember that you can draw on the videos on “Literary Styles in the Bible,” “Cultures in and of the Bible,” and “The Story of the Bible” to help provide some material for these various contexts.
Find your passage in the online commentary presented above. Read the commentary section on your selected passage. You can use this material to enrich your own reading and provide explanations for any symbolism you encounter there. If you use this material in your paper, be sure to cite it properly with APA format.
Compose a 650-750 word paper in proper APA format that contains the following:
A brief introduction that identifies your passage and explains why you chose it (approximately 50-75 words)
A section that explores the details of the passage’s flow, sentence structure, nouns, verbs, and descriptors (approximately 250-300 words).
A section that explains the passage more fully by using two of the following contexts with connections to details in the passage: immediate, literary, historical-cultural, and canonical (approximately 250-300 words).
A short conclusion that states your main takeaway from your interpretive work and how that point may apply to our time and place (approximately 100-150 words).

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