Interprofessional Education

you have explored the tools and knowledge needed to become a great healthcare manager and administrator. One of the overall themes of the course is the need to collaborate on various projects with different departments, and with people in varied roles from different backgrounds and career levels.For this paper, you will explore strategies that will prepare you to become a highly functioning and effective manager using interdepartmental collaboration. In a five- to six-page paper, explore the following topics:Research and summarize three to four proven strategies that successful healthcare leaders use to obtain productive results.Detail two to three departments we have discussed in which you foresee yourself interacting with in the role of a healthcare administrator. Explain why you selected these departments and the ways you can optimize these interactions to obtain your desired outcomes.Explain the importance of interprofessional collaboration for a healthcare manager or administrator and the ways this affects patient outcomes.Your paper must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines, and you must use at least four scholarly references with appropriate citations

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