Intervention Strategy

After you have completed the readings,  post your initial response to the following discussion. Your post should respond to all parts of the topic(s) in complete sentences and should extend the discussion of the group by including original thoughts or ideas with support from multiple academic outside sources and/or course materials, correctly using APA style, both in-text and complete reference at the end of the post. After you have submitted your initial post, review other posts, and respond to multiple classmates. Your response to other classmates should ask follow-up questions or provide additional ideas that expand on the topic. Be sure to post your responses over multiple days throughout the unit week as this helps promote a real discussion. Refer to your Discussion Board Rubric for a specific grading explanation. Selecting the Appropriate Intervention Strategy Describe why the articulation of a hypothesis is essential in the development of an effective program. Examine how a hypothesis is different from a hunch. Describe the differences. Describe what the statements,  “hypothesis is a series of ends/means statement” and “program evaluation begins with the development of a hypothesis” mean. Describe how you actually develop both the lower and higher level statements in the hypothesis. *** FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS GIVEN*** ***350 MINIMUM WORDS NOT INCLUDING RESOURCE PAGE*** *** I DO NOT NEED A COVER PAGE JUST RESOURCES*** For more information on Intervention Strategy read this:

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