Interview Paper

Conduct a face-to-face or online interview with a Healthcare Finance professional (i.e. VP Finance, CFO, controller, business office manager, auditor, accountant, etc.).   ·      Describe their career path ·      Education ·      Major responsibilities ·      Measures of performance success and other key attributes.  ·      Ask the financial leader you interview how the Income statement is generated, w ·      What their role, if any, involves the revenue cycle, ·      Role in the statement of cash flows at their institution. ·      Ask them about the budget cycle and how it affects all departments.  ·      Ask their opinion on the current state of finance in our economy and its impact to their organization. ·      Seek their opinion on future trends in healthcare and its impact on their financial responsibilities.   The paper should be 5 to 7 pages in length in APA style.  The paper will be evaluated using the Healthcare Finance Interview rubric. The paper should include the following parts: 1.   Title page 2.   Introduction (including purpose of the paper/interview) 3.  Application of theory to practice (use a real-world situation to illustrate theory) 4.   Closing/Summary

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