Interview Protocol Draft 

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS  THE TOPIC FOR THE QUESTIONS AND INTRO ARE IN THE DOCUMENTS I UPLOADED.  USE THE TOPIC OF WORKFORCE DIVERSITY.  USE THE UPLOADED DOCUMENTS FOR ASSISTANCE  Assignment Guidelines For this assignment, you will compile 10 interview questions that you will then take with you to your interview. Write a brief overview of your topic and what it is you are hoping to accomplish in the interview.  State who it is you are interviewing and why you’ve chosen this person in particular Provide 3 categories of questions.  Avoid yes or no questions, and use both Open and Focused questions: Questions can include both open and focused questions. Avoid yes or no questions unless you are following up with a why question. An example of an open question is: “What stories can you tell about …?” An example of a focused question is: “When you were first learning about this topic, what courses did you enroll in?” Use headings: Experience Questions List 2 Experience Questions: These questions focus on the person you are interviewing’s experience with your topic. Problem Questions List 2-4 Problem Questions: These questions elicit responses about some of the underlying causes of the larger problem Project Questions List 2-4 Project Questions: These questions help you to identify possible projects that can contribute to addressing a specific problem related to the larger problem. They also elicit responses that will help you figure out whether or not your ideas for projects will accomplish what it is you are setting out to do.

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