Intro to Philosophy

Please take all the information presented about John Lewis(voting rights civil rights), by Peter Singer (altruism), and the Confederate Monument controversy. You are not limited to these issues. You may find other issues that were revealed in the videos. You may decide you want to write about using violence to counter a protest. Is it unethical not to help others? You may conclude monuments should not glorify individual people, Find an issue. Arrive at your ethical position/perspective/conclusion on at least three issues. Defend your positions using Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, and the Social Contract Theory. Defend your position using one of the theories. One position/one theory but you must use all three theories. For example, maybe you conclude Confederate Monuments should not be removed. Defend that position using reasoning based on the Social Contract. You conclude altruism is ethically necessary for a healthy society. Defend your position using Utilitarianism. You decide there is no societal racism in the United States. Use Kantian Ethics to defend that conclusion. Discover your own conclusion on an issue. You apply one theory to each of your conclusions. You must use all three theories.

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