Inventory Management Process

Part 1. Naming of your Business (Should be in the manufacturing like San Miguel) -Name of your Business with own logo -Short background of the Business (nature of the Business, location) Part 2. Product Offering -Minimum of 5 products. Describe your products with pictures. -Inventories needed to produce each product with pictures. Part 3. Inventory Management. -Which Inventory system will you use and Why? First-In, First-Out (FIFO), ABC Analysis, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), Just-In-Time (JIT). Visit this to know more :  (Links to an external site.) -You should answer the Following: *Who? Who supplied the Goods? *What? What inventories are involved? *Where? Where are your goods located or stored? *When? When do you need to order or resupply? *How? How will it be delivered?   -Have your own inventory management process. Do not duplicate, use this as reference.  (Links to an external site.)

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