Post-9/11 Islamophobia/racism: How have the Homeland Security policies established after 9/11 impacted South Asian American communities? How do these policies connect to the current administration’s policies and initiatives Compose a 5-page double-spaced research paper that develops and expands on one of the core topics from the course? Can use ONE of the sample research questions provided or can pick your own research question connected to topics/themes of course or can come up with your own research question connected to the core topics/themes of course.  Make sure the paper has an introduction, main research body, and conclusion along with a Bibliography (in Chicago Manual of Style format). Include Section Headers! The paper must include 3 critical academic/scholarly resources including one source from and no more than one from class readings (essentially minimum same sources used in your annotated bibliography).  Find the sources by: 1. SFSU Library Online: 2. For more information on Islamophobia read this:

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