Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In the 1940s, the number of Jews immigrants escalated following the Nazi-propagated holocaust in Europe. As a result, the rising tensions between the Arabs and Jews culminated in deadly clashes (Bard 31).In 1948, the Jews forces seized control of the territory and proclaimed the State of Israel. In the process, they forcefully evicted all the Palestinians living in the area. Most of the displaced Palestinians fled to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt (Bard 31-33). Some Arab countries, particularly Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq attempted to abolish the new nation, but they failed. However, Jordan annexed East Jerusalem while Egypt took control of Gaza. Thus, from 1948 onwards, the displaced Palestinians began settling in East Jerusalem and Gaza as refugees (Beinin & Hajjar 6).Currently, the Palestinians occupy Gaza and East Jerusalem along the banks of River Jordan (West Bank). One of their major problems is the geographical isolation of the two territories. West Bank and Gaza are on the eastern and western parts of Israel respectively. Since the corridor between Gaza and West Bank is an Israeli-controlled territory, Palestinians are unable to move freely between the two regions. Thus, the restricted movement between Gaza and the West Bank possibly separates families (Beinin & Hajjar 6).In my opinion, the restricted movement of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank contributes to the increasing hostilities between Israel and Palestinians. The Israeli blockade has damaged the economy of Gaza, pushing many Palestinians to poverty. As a result, they react by attacking Israel. However, if the Palestinians were given their freedom of movement while the Israelis obtained guaranteed security, there could be no violence. Thus, any peaceful resolution to the conflict may not be reached unless the two sides agree to respect each other’s concerns.

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