Issues Related to Homelessness

This cumulative project will be broken into several smaller parts (short essays).  Part 1 will be essay 1, Part 2 will be essay 2 and so on…thru Part 4 or Essay 4. Each essay will address a specific question below. As you are reading, writing and revising these short essays, it is important to remember –  you will also use these ideas, and a revised version of what you have written, towards your final cumulative project. Part 1 – Question 1: Who are the homeless and what are the issues and problems surrounding homelessness? Problems like homelessness can not be defined simply. For this short essay, you will look into who deals with homelessness (the “who” is more complicated than you might think). You will also discover many of the challenges and obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Your overall goal will be to use the argument of definition to define different aspects of homelessness and the problems associated with it. For more detailed information about Part 1 read below for specific instructions: Create a synthesis of ideas making an argument that defines issues surrounding homelessness. In this synthesis, you will take in several perspectives, voices, and sources (at least 4), to define who is affected by homelessness and what challenges come with homelessness. This synthesis essay must be at least 4 body paragraphs of around 200 words each.  Each of the 4 paragraphs should follow the PIE paragraph structure. For this mini-essay, you will NOT write an introduction or conclusion – you will only focus on fully developed body paragraphs that follow the PIE structure. Each paragraph should include at least (1) relevant summary from one of the texts, and (1) relevant and framed quote from a text. When you think about where these should fit in the PIE structure, both the quote and the summary should be considered an i of PIE. Additionally, this mini-essay must use MLA format with correctly cited sources, and it should include a correctly formatted works cited page.  In order to keep the focus on the learning skills of paragraph writing, synthesizing, and effectively using quotes and summaries, you will not create your own thesis for this mini-essay. Please use the following thesis: Homelessness affects people from many backgrounds and comes with an almost endless list of challenges, issues and problems.    This mini-essay should be AT LEAST 800 purposefully chosen words, all of which fit into the PIE paragraph structure. (Aim for 200 words per paragraph). If you fall short on the word count, return to the PIE(Point, Information, Explanation) paragraph structure outline and be sure you have done the following: Begin each paragraph with a Point which connects to your thesis Follow each point with several pieces of framed Information (framed quotes or summaries) Explain how each piece of information matters and why it is important/how it supports that paragraph’s Point Part 1 Resources for help and review: Learning goals to practice:   Fairly and effectively summarize argumentative texts, frame quotations, and clearly distinguish one’s opinions from others’ views while avoiding plagiarism.   Requirements: 800 thoughtful words MLA format Correctly cited quotes Works Cited Page Strong use of PIE structure Thesis statement (given in instructions) Edited for grammar and spelling  NO INTRODUCTION, NO CONCLUSION Use at least 4 sources (as summary and quote information):

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