IT Project Management

Pretend your team has been given a computer by the T-Zone Help Desk with the instructions to rename the computer from John Martinson to the name of the new owner (John sold the computer to his niece, Alison Rogers). John made his administrative password “password” and his administrative username is Admin; his computer’s name is “JohnLaptop.” He created a user account for himself, “John” and his user account password is “English!9&”. Your job is to. delete or rename the user account so that it is changed from John’s to Alison’s account, create a new password, change the administrative account to include a new administrative password, and change the computer name from “JohnLaptop” to “Alison Rogers Computer” Can you do this using the Registry? If so, write down the process you used to change the computer account. If not, write the details of the method you used to change the computer account. DELIVERABLE: describe how you went about renaming the computer and changing accounts from John to Alison. That person should submit the document in Canvas on behalf of the team.

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