Jewish Studies

Phase I – Proposal and Bibliography A) Working Title B) Two-paragraph description of paper topic (you will not be obligated to follow this closely for the actual paper). C). Bibliography, including 2-3 primary sources and 4-5 secondary sources. These must be listed separately and in the format of the Chicago Manual of Style 17. This is available online from our library (  Phase II – Short First Draft of 5-8 pages  Although I will not evaluate this draft on the basis of style and grammar, it must demonstrate a serious effort at delving into one or more primary sources and beginning to explore their relevant themes. ****** This paper is about Jewish studies and Jewish History.  The paper should revolve around a proposition and argument to investigate jewish history and why the topic may or may not be true. Here are a few of the readings: Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress, Part I John Locke, “Letter Concerning Toleration” Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise, chaps. 1-4 Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise, chaps. 5-9 Byrne, Religion and the Enlightenment, 1-149 Montesquieu, Persian Letters  Sorkin, The Religious Enlightenment, 1-163 The paper should revolve around these specific readings in terms of proofs and understanding of Jewish and christian history. This paper is due on Friday by 11:59 pm and i would pay around $130 for the 10 pages.

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