Journal Project

PSYC 2320 Application Journal Project   The student will record 11 journal entries based on the reaction and response-what do you think category 1 section that is at the end of every chapter.  The category 1 questions are the same after every chapter but the student’s entries will vary based on the content of each chapter.  Each journal entry will be comprised of the category 1 questions, one concept that you have applied in their life with a specific description of the application and one outside resource that can come from the Noba Project  (Links to an external site.)  website. For example chapter 1 discusses methods to improve communication.  The student would describe a specific situation in which they applied this method to their life. Each journal entry needs to be approximately 150 words Complete journal to due August 15th by midnight PSYC 2320 journal Ruberic.pdf   Total paper worth 100 points

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