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Writing a Multicultural Education Platform Statement REFLECT: What are your beliefs about equity, equality, inequity, diversity and multicultural education? How are these beliefs grounded in your identity and lived experiences, as well as your current knowledge base about multicultural teaching and learning as connected to equity, equality, and diversity? What are the strengths of your understanding of multicultural education and where are you challenged? WRITE: Write a platform statement describing your beliefs about equity, equality, inequity, diversity, and multicultural education. When assessing your own strengths and challenge areas as a multicultural educator, include an analysis of the findings from the multicultural education survey included in this module. You may also decide to access additional assessment instruments. If you need help organizing your thoughts, consider including the following sections in your platform statement: 1. Introduction 2. Your platform of beliefs about equity, inequity, equality, diversity, and multicultural education. Some essential questions that might be addressed in your platform are these: o What do you believe is the purpose of education? o What is the role of the teacher? o What should be taught (the curriculum)? o How do people learn (in general)? o How do you view students as learners? o Who controls the curriculum in schools? o Whose knowledge is important to include? o Are state standards and tests desirable? o What is the impact of standardized testing on learning? o How do issues of race, class, and gender, and other social identity dimensions influence what you do? o What is your definition of effective teaching? o Who and what have influenced your beliefs (e.g., people, experiences, readings)? 3. Impact of your beliefs on learning and teaching, particularly across dimensions of difference 4. Make specific and clear connections between your platform and course readings and discussions where relevant. 5. Personal strengths and challenges in advancing a school vision of learning; promoting the success of all students; responding to diverse student interests and needs; understanding and responding to social, economic, legal, and cultural contexts 6. Personal goals (knowledge, skills, dispositions) that you will be working on in the future 7. Conclusions SUBMIT: Submit your reflection in a word document. It should be no more than 1-3 pages. Use the journal reflection rubric as an organizing and self-assessment tool, particularly since I will also use it as a grading tool. Happy writing.

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