Karl Marx’s Theory of Social Class

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses karl marx theory of social class. In a capitalistic economy, capitalists oppress the proletariat by providing them with resources sufficient to sustain their lives and maintain those workers to continuing providing them with labor. The meager pay that workers get is only sufficient for food and shelter (Levine 21). Unfortunately, most of these workers have a lot of respect for their employers because they perceive them as the only means of their survival. Those workers are so contented with life, and the kind of earnings they get from their employers. The relationship p between the workers and the employers is based on the workers believes that employers are doing their employee’s favor by offering them jobs and that they&nbsp.are the source of livelihood for those workers (Berberoglu 11). The fact of the matter is that employers are the one who gets more from the workers and without those workers, the survival of the capitalists is at risk (Wright 4). In a capitalist economy, investors control the wealth of the economy and determine what workers get as a share of their contribution to wealth creation. However, in order to reduce the income differences between investors and the workers, workers should charge for labor in accordance with the contribution they make to the creation of resources. The government should intervene in order to safeguard the workers against the scrupulous capitalists.Karl Max perceived a social revolution in which all the means of production would be communally owned. He perceived that in the future the capitalist would lose control of workers and due to enlightenment of the workforce the resources would change ownership as workers claim for an equal share of nation’s resources (Wood 97). However, this time has not yet come since the differences between the&nbsp.affluent&nbsp.and the&nbsp.needy&nbsp.is continuing to widen.&nbsp.

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