Labor Relations

Topic: Labor Relations The global economic crisis has greatly impacted the workforce, in general. Given the current economic environment, what concessions should a union be willing to make for the overall good of its union members? Please justify your answerChapter 9 Compensation and Incentives;9.1 Perspectives on the Motivational Role of Pay and Reward Systems,9.4 Types of Pay,9.5 HR Laws Governing Compensation,9.6 Opportunities, Challenges, and Recent Developments in CompensationChapter 10 Benefits and Benefits AdministrationLandes, L. (2013). What ibm cutting major employee 401(k) benefits means for you. Retrieved from, C. M., & Stark. E. (2020). Strategic human resource management: Concepts, controversies, and evidence-based applicationsRequirements are a must: APA 7 formatDemonstrate knowledge of subjectUse references more than once throughout paperCite all materialOnly cite reference that is used within paperMust have access to Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2020) book. Additional resources is fine

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