Language Development in Children

Does Screentime(technology) help or hinder language development in children? The CAP is an opportunity for students to identify and investigate current research on key issues in child/language development and apply that information to the benefit of children or adolescents. The CAP is a 5-7 page literature review on a topic/issue related to the development of language and literacy of children between conception and adolescence. You will be working with a small group of classmates who share a similar research interest. The paper will utilize a developmental theory or theoretical perspective to investigate how various aspects of language, literacy, or child development are connected. In essence, you will be drawing answers for your topic and discuss the implications of your topic and findings to the field. All papers will be submitted according to due dates on the course calendar. Papers must be written with high quality, free from grammatical and spelling errors, using current APA format, include scholarly references, be typed using the 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman), and appear professionally polished. For the purpose of this paper, the age range will be: Choose one of the following Prenatal period: Conception to birth Infancy and toddlerhood: Birth to 2 years old Early childhood: 2-6 years old Middle childhood: 6-11 years old Adolescence: 11-18 years old How to begin: Identify a possible issue/topic related to language or literacy development (e.g., autism & language delay) Assume a possible explanation for the issue/topic (e.g., lack of nonverbal communication skills, narrow interests) Research theoretical perspectives (e.g., theory of mind) and developmental markers (e.g., joint attention, pointing) relevant to the issue/topic Determine possible implications from theoretical perspectives and to identify a possible solution to the issue/topic identified (e.g., effective early intervention strategies for children with autism) Locate a minimum of 2 exemplary articles (e.g., Tager-Flusburg, 1999) and 5 recent scholarly journal articles as part of the references used to write the paper CAP paper must include: An introduction with a strong thesis statement which identifies the issue/topic (Hypothesis If/then) A summary of theoretical perspectives, age range, and previous research findings relevant to the issue/topic A detailed description of the implication of the topic to child/language development A strong conclusion which summarizes the key elements of the paper. Reiterate the issue/topic, summarize its implications, and end with a strong concluding statement. Think of why it would be important for parents and educators to read your paper.

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