Latent Fingerprints

The focus shall be placed upon a specific forensic practice which is  “latent fingerprints” currently undergoing great scrutiny per the working document.  1. Break down…. a) Abstract b) Problem Statement/Thesis c) Background/history/origins of specific forensic discipline you are examining. d) Requirement in field to be considered an “expert” e.g. formal education, professional education, time in practice, court qualifications. e) Citing of a minimum of three cases to include; case background, application of the specific forensic discipline in each case, case outcomes, practitioner and victim impacts directly related to application of the forensic discipline. f) Conclusion, YOUR summation and assessment regarding what the future out look is for the forensic practice you have chosen to examine. 5. Utilize a minimum of 5 references, one of which can be our WORKING DOCUMENT. You may use legal rulings, periodicals, and a maximum of 2 investigative news pieces (some of these might be serialized articles due to the depth of a particular case).

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