Law and Government Discussion

    From where does a government’s legitimate authority derive?   ·        What are constitutional monarchs and do they exist today?     ·        What are the Articles of Confederation, detailing each state had what type of representation?   ·        What are the strengths and weaknesses of federalism?   ·        What is cooperative, competitive, and dual federalism?   ·        What is a federal mandate?   ·        How does the federal government  exercise control over matters that have traditionally been under the control of state governments?   ·        Why does government exists?   ·        Harold Lasswell defined politics as…   ·        What is divine right theory?     ·        Know the difference between autocracy, republic, divine right and direct democracy.   ·        Natural Rights     ·        Great Compromise   ·        Article I, Section 8 of the constitution describing inherent, concurrent, implied and expressed powers – know examples of each     ·        10th amendment   ·        Full Faith and Credit Clause     ·        Supremacy clause in Article VI of the Constitution     ·        Dual/New/Competitive/Cooperative Federalism

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