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Watch a trial or hearing on YouTube or somewhere else online, and then writes at least a 4-page paper describing what you saw and heard, including what legal issues you heard. Up to 10% credit based on the quality of the paper will be provided.Papers should identify and describe:1. the parties to the trial or hearing;2.the judge;3.the lawyers for the parties;4.the factual issues of the trial or hearing;5.the legal issues of the trial or hearing; you think the lawyers did and why; you think the trial or hearing should be resolved.To writer please read the following::-“–If either of the papers is plagiarized, not only will you get a zero for the paper, but I reserve the right to deduct 10% from your overall grade –“MLAAny court hearing other than:WPLG Local 10. (2018). A full arraignment hearing for Nikolas Cruz [Video]. Retrieved from

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