Law Enforcement Agencies

Discussion and analysis of issues related to law enforcement agencies. For this Assignment, select one of these areas/issues related to law enforcement: Police culture and diversity, Strengths and weaknesses of UCR, NIBRS, and NCVS, Stop and Frisk practices of police, Police accountability and early warning systems, community policing. In a 4–5-page paper, analyze and discuss the pertinent background, concerns, issues, and proposed solutions to the specific area/issue selected. Include examples to support your analysis. Note: This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least two credible sources beyond the text material. Also, discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used. You may consult the Library, the Internet, the textbook, other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations in APA style. Paper Format. The paper is to be completed in APA format. Page length is 4–5 pages of text (1,000 to 1,250 words). This does not include the title page or the references section. No more than 20 per cent of paper may be copied directly from outside sources. Refer to the Assignment Guide under Academic Tools for additional formatting details. PART 2 (I PAGE ) Topic 1: Stop and Frisk Laws. Discuss the implications of Stop and Frisk laws and why some argue it is a necessary tool of law enforcement and others consider it a method of racial profiling. What are the pros and cons of Stop and Frisk laws? What did the court decide in Floyd v. City of New York? Will this case change all policing? Why or why not? Topic 2: Weekly Research Discussion. Research and locate a news article or op-ed that addresses an issue you believe is relevant to the unit. This resource must address a critical or controversial issue. Please post the article and indicate why it is indeed a critical or controversial issue.

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