Leadership Setting

The paper will generally answer this question: How would the biblical/theological foundation of Sanctification and inform leadership in the following 5 areas: purpose of leadership, the role of the leader, role of the follower, leadership methodology, and leadership setting?   A suggested structure for the paper is the following:   1.     Introduction (including your thesis statement) – 1–2 page(s) 2.     Explanation of doctrine – 5 pages a.       Theological term  (Explain the theological term) – 2 pages b.       Biblical Foundation (Trace the term throughout Scripture) – 3 pages 3.     Application of the doctrine to the life of the leader – 5 pages a.       How does this doctrine form/inform the purpose of leadership? – 1 page b.       How does this doctrine form/inform the role of the leader? – 1 page c.       How does this doctrine form/inform the role of the follower? – 1-page d.       How does the doctrine form/inform one’s leadership methodology? – 1 page e.       Apply your understanding of a specific leadership setting. – 1 page 4.     Conclusion (summarize your paper) – 1–2 page(s) 5.     Reference page with at least 20 sources

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