Learning Environment

 Think what it will be like to teach in 10 years? 20 years? What kind of classroom or learning environment do you want for the future? Describe your current or chosen education situation (classroom teacher, corporate trainer, online instructor, curriculum developer, etc.).What is the current prevalent learning theory that you see in this environment?Explain why you think this is.Research past trends in education.Pick one education technology that failed to make it or is now obsolete.Discuss why you think it did not last from a practical and theoretical perspective. For example, Channel One schools was a corporate-school partnership (started in 1989) that gave every classroom in a middle or high school a TV, two VCRs for the school, and a satellite dish. In return, students had to watch a 12-minute news program each morning, which contained 2 minutes of commercials. This program didn’t last very long even though at its peak, over 1,000 schools participated.Research emerging technologies in education.Pick the top 3 that you think will have the most impact on your current or chosen education situation for the next 10 years.Describe these technologies and why you think they will have an impact from a learning theory perspective.From your research and your own experience, what do you want the “classroom of the future” to be like in 10 years?Write up a detailed plan and explain your choices.Note this can be a physical classroom, a blended learning situation, or an online classroom.Explain how it works with your own philosophy of education.Go to the Strayer Library and provide at least five references that support your analyses.At least three of these sources need to be from the past two years.The rest of the sources must be from within the last five years.For more information read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_environment

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