Legal, Ethical, and political Aspects of Healthcare Management

The essay should be 2 pages maximum and should be in APA format with at least 1 cited reference. Course text is “The Law of Healthcare Administration”, eighth edition (2017) by J. Stuart Showalter. Answer the following discussion questions in a brief, cohesive essay. 1. What factors motivate healthcare organizations to maintain programs aimed at compliance and corporate ethics? 2. What kinds of fraudulent or abusive behavior related to federal healthcare payment programs can occur in hospital operations? 3. What are the most significant statues related to healthcare fraud, and how have they been affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? 4. What do the terms kickback and self-referral describe in the healthcare setting? 5. Explain the essential provisions of the Start law, including to whom it applies and what types of transactions it prohibits.

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