Lifelong Learning

Goal: The goal of this forum is to examine the relationship between independent lifelong learning and job growth and individual career preparation.  Course Objective: CO2: Describe what independence means in one’s personal and work life.   Description:  Having the confidence to be an independent learner is an important component of life and lifelong learning. As stated in the AAC&U Lifelong Learning Value rubric about independence “Educational interests and pursuits exist and flourish outside classroom requirements. Knowledge and/ or experiences are pursued independently.” Review the info-graphic from Deloitte. Observe the four columns of declining, slow, average, and fast growth jobs. Then compare these columns to how much preparation is needed to get one of those jobs, extensive, considerable, medium, some and little or no preparation needed.    Please reflect on the relationship between job growth and how much career preparation is needed to get  a growth job. Answer any of the following questions:  Have you seen this the relationship between job growth and preparedness your own life?  How can independent and lifelong learning contribute to being prepared for an in-demand, growth job? Are there situations where this info-graphic will be incorrect?    ***** this is for a forum – does not need to be written like a paper (big words, citations)  ***** I am currently a store manager who went back to school to get my degree so I can continue the way up the corp ladder. One of the questions asks about this.

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