Literacy Autobiography

For this paper, you will write your own literacy autobiography. What is a literacy autobiography? Kori Morgan provides a thorough overview for how to plan and draft your literacy autobiography here, “How to Write a Literacy Autobiography.” Morgan suggests that “Writing a literacy autobiography is your chance to tell a compelling story of how your past experiences with written and spoken words have created your present-day relationship with language.” link to read: But this is a 21st century literacy autobiography, so in addition to writing about your past experiences with written and spoken words, you should also talk about your past experiences with media and technology. Since it is an autobiography, it is of course suitable to write in the first-person. In other words, you can say, “I.” Your paper should consist of multiple well-developed paragraphs. And it should include a clear beginning, middle, and end (narrative) and it should provide some key insight or conclusion (analysis).

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