Literacy of Power

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate a literacy of power, politics, and government as we usually encounter it in our lives, especially interpreting the news.  What is going on in the article represents and illustrates in real life what we’ve learned about politics, government, and power in the course.   You will be graded upon your ability to properly identify power, politics, and government concepts, to correctly apply these course concepts in the analysis, and to correctly explain how the concepts explain what is going on in the article. Write a 5-page paper, double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12-point font.  Please cite as appropriate and provide works cited list (any citation format is fine).  Do not summarize the article; stick to analysis.  For help, answer the questions below in your paper to aid in your analysis.   Analysis Tips This article covers everything we’ve learned this semester.  It discusses all the institutions and actors in Texas politics and implies policy and political ideas also addressed in the course.   Answer the following questions to help you analyze the article:   1.  What institutions do you see in the article?  What are they doing and why?  What vocabulary, concepts, and theories have we learned about these institutions and behaviors? 2.  What political behaviors are the people doing?  What have we’ve learned about these behaviors–vocab, concepts, theories?  How are people interacting with the institutions? 3.  How does Texas political history, culture, power affect what is going on?  What vocab, concepts, and theories have we learned to explain the context?   We have learned about: political cultures & power political participation interest groups and political parties three branches:  Congress, Courts, Governor various policy issues, including access to justice issues, access to voting issues, etc.  the Constitution and federalism local governments (county, city, special districts)

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