Literary Research

Hemingway•  Explore the use of the “masculine” or “macho” role that Hemingway uses in the stories we have read for this course. Why are men struggling to appear masculine during this time?•  Where does this masculine identity crisis come from (in his characters, in Hemingway himself, in the historical context of “modern” America)?Salinger   LIT 2000TERM PAPER – LITERARY RESEARCH This four/five page essay should be typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font and must conform to MLA Formatting Requirements. It should be double-spaced and have standard one-inch margins. Your name, professor’s name, class, and due date should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Your last name and page number should be place in the upper right hand corner of every page.The essay’s introductory paragraph should contain a “hook”, clearly stated points of development, and a concise thesis. There should be body paragraphs, each with a topic sentence that limits the subject to be covered. In the conclusion, students should draw connections between their main points of argument.Student must use at least FIVE SOURCES, only four of which can be found electronically, and they must have proper MLA documentation for their sources. Cite Your Sources. Five Sources, only four can be from the internet.You must have both Parenthetical citations and a corresponding Works Cited page.**Keep in mind, a term paper that does not properly cite sources according to MLA source documentation will not receive a passing grade.In grading, special attention will be given to the following:Introduction – Significance Statement (hook/lead)Introduction – Points of developmentIntroduction – ThesisTopic SentencesIllustrations/DetailCoherenceArrangementConclusion – Connections Overall DevelopmentNO major technical/syntactical errors, especially:Possession PluralitySubject-Verb Agreement Verb TenseFragmentsComma SpliceFused SentencesAntecedent/Pronoun AgreementDiction : No Second Person “you, your, you’re…”   No Abbreviations,  Etc.’s, or Ellipses (…)No Contractions           Choosing a Topic:In Canvas>Modules>Term Paper>Term Paper Topics, you will find a list of topics. For the term paper, you will choose a subject heading, such as Hemingway or Salinger or Vonnegut, etc. Each bullet point under the heading is a topic to be discussed or question to be answered in the term paper. So, for instance, if you were to choose Salinger, you would write about the following:•    Define the term “social inheritance”. In Salinger’s story, there are two mother-daughter relationships. What parallels can be drawn based on your definition of “social inheritance”. •    What exactly is Seymour infatuated with? What exactly is Seymour repulsed by?

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