Literature Review

Chapter 2 includes the literature review or the results of your secondary research. Before conducting your own project/study, you need to thoroughly understand your field and what has already been attempted and accomplished by others. This chapter is intended to review and synthesize the information you have found in the process of researching what others have already accomplished. It may provide the foundation for building knowledge, provide a conceptual framework for the study, provide support for the methodology you choose, and/or provide support for possible interpretations of the results found in your study. This chapter should not read like a series of book reports. Conduct your literature review. Include books and scholarly articles but be sure the information is current. Websites may be included if you can establish the credibility of the site. Each significant point in your research question(s) and problem statement should be covered. Anything else, regardless of how interesting it might be, should not be included. As you gather your information, categorize it by subject or theme. Use these themes to develop the chapter. Organize the themes in an appropriate way to build the chapter from beginning to end in a way that lends itself to providing the background necessary to understand the last three chapters of your capstone.the reader can determine that there actually is valuable content that contributes to the research process. This chapter may vary in size depending on the amount of information available. It is typically one of the longer chapters in your capstone paper and may well be between five and thirty pages in length. This is a essential chapter. Each and every research question (and any possible sub-questions) must be supported by a background study related directly to those questions. Typically, this is done by having a level 2 or level 3 heading (APA format) to identify background information relating to each of those specific research questions.

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