Literature Review

This essay will form one part of a long research paper as the literature review part. Please write a literature review of 5-6 A4 pages (double-line spaced) of the following 7 papers, which should make a good link to the research paper itself. Details of the research paper is appended at P.2 (attached) Freese, J., Rivas, S. & Hargittai, E. (2006). Cognitive ability and Internet use among older adults, 34(4-5):236-249. Gaßner, K., & Conrad, M. (2010). ICT enabled independent living for elderly. A status-quo analysis on products and the research landscape in the field of Ambient Assisted Living. Berlin: Institute for Innovation and Technology. Ihm, J. & Hsieh, Y. P. (2015). The implications of information and communication technology use for the social well-being of older adults, 18(10):1123-1138. Seligman, M. E. (2004). Authentic happiness: Using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment. Simon and Schuster. Shapira, N., Barak, A., & Gal, I. (2007). Promoting older adults’ well-being through Internet training and use. Woodward, A. T., Freddolino, P. P., Wishart, D. J., Bakk, L., Kobayashi, R. I. E., Tupper, C., … & Blaschke-Thompson, C. M. (2013). Outcomes from a peer tutor model for teaching technology to older adults. Ageing & Society, 33(8), 1315-1338. Retrieved from referer=&httpsredir=1&article=1001&context=sowk_fac. Lee, C., & Coughlin, J. F. (2015). PERSPECTIVE: Older adults’ adoption of technology: an integrated approach to identifying determinants and barriers. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(5), 747-759. Retrieved from

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