Local Issue Analysis

For this final essay, you will write a minimum 1,000-word essay in which you explain and
give background information on your local issue, present various arguments surrounding
the issue, propose a solution to the issue, and reflect on your thinking process. It is strongly
recommended that you use the BCC Writing Center to review your paper.
• Requirements:
o Minimum of 1,000 words
o Third person voice throughout (no “I” or “you” or “we”, etc.), except in reflection.
o Minimum of 5 strong sources (found in your annotated list of sources). Remember
that at least one source must be a personal interview with a community
o Proper MLA citation throughout, including both in-text citations and a works cited
or references page at the end.
o Stay objective in your essay (don’t pick sides) until you propose your solution.
o Respectful and professional tone throughout
o Written in correct, standard English with no grammar, punctuation, or spelling
• Parts of the Essay:
The essay should follow this organizational pattern carefully and should use the Final
Research Essay template posted in Moodle (note that these are sections, not necessarily
1. Introduction—Discuss the basics of your topic/issue and how it affects your local
community. Introduce some of the arguments surrounding the issue and then state
your solution in a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph.
2. Research and Background on Issue—In this section, give your reader more
detailed background information on your topic and how it relates to your
community. Share relevant research with your reader, citing your sources and using
direct quotes, pieces of evidence, statistics, etc., as needed. The goal here is to inform
your reader about the issue/topic and what is currently happening within your
3. Explanation of Arguments Surrounding your Issue—In this section, explain at
least 3 major arguments surrounding your issue and discuss/analyze each
argument. Consider these questions:
a. What do other people argue about this issue or propose as a solution to this
b. How do different viewpoints/perspectives/worldviews influence others’
arguments about this issue?
c. What are some strengths and weaknesses of these common arguments?
d. Do any of these arguments contain logical fallacies? If so, explain.
4. Your Proposal—In this section, explain your proposal to this local issue. What
should be done to help solve this problem and who should implement the solution?
Include evidence and research to back up your solution, using quotes, facts, statistics,
and your interview to help show the reader why your solution is the best option.
5. Critical Thinking Reflection—In this section, reflect on how your thinking
changed on your topic/issue throughout the semester. Did your original hypothesis
become your actual solution? Why or why not? What did you learn about thinking
and investigating issues and controversies throughout this project? *You may use
first person voice in this section*
6. Conclusion—In your final section of the essay, wrap up your thoughts by reiterating
the importance of the issue within your community, reminding the reader how your
solution can help solve the problem, and reflecting on what else needs to be done in
order to improve your local community.

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