Logo Submission Paper

This is a Graphic Design class assignment. Graphic Design/Art specialist prefered. For this 5-7 page paper, students are to select a logo that has been improved/updated from its original form. The objective of this paper is to dissect why and how the logo has improved and how it has directly impacted the company. Research is required for accurate facts about the logo and the company and more so to further dissect the reasons behind the logo’s concepts. Paper should include the images of both the logos (old and new). This should only be 2-2.5 inches in size and be placed side by side at the top of the first page. Paper should include the following points: -Intro  -Background of the company/brand  -Background of the marketing/designer of the logo  -Introduction of the old logo  -Introduction of the new logo  -Comparison of the old and new logo: in color/font/image, etc.  -Positive or Negative impact of the change in logo  -Conclusion  -Work sited Bibliography

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