Long-Term Life Goals

Deliverable #1: Write a discussion post answering the following questions. The length should be about 2 pages, single-spaced, and you should reference Chapter 11 of the attached textbook and the attached lecture video. In the second lecture video, I mentioned the changing goals that college students reported having for their lives after school. What would you say today’s college students would report about long-term life goals? Would wealth or having a meaningful life philosophy (or another goal) be a more prominent answer for today’s students? Feel free to bring in outside material or links to support your discussion.   What did you learn this week about the best ways to manage stress and pursue happiness? How might this change how you handle certain aspects of your life? Deliverable #2: Write a thoughtful response to two peer postings, which I have selected and attached in this order. You can write half a page of response to each.

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