Love Type

Before participating in this discussion board, please be sure to view and listen to the lecture, as well as complete this week’s reading. For our week seven discussion board, please answer the following: 1. Comprehension: In your own words, and in a few sentences, reference the reading and share your thoughts on the research discussed. What is one thing the chapter mentioned that piqued your interest or taught you something new? Be sure to include a direct quote and reference the page. 2. Reflective: Choose three of the love types discussed in the lecture, and reference an example, either fictional or non-fictional, in television, movies, novels, stories of any kind, etc. for each love type you choose. Again, you only have to choose three but if you would like to discuss more, you are more than welcome to! 3. Think Critically: How does our society make it hard to maintain relationships? How does it make it easy? Reference at least three relational maintenance behaviors mentioned in the lecture. Please remember your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words For more information read this: 

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