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Write an essay in which you discuss Lurie’s description of how clothing and adornment served magical purposes in the past in “The Language of Clothes.” Use your research to include in your discussion whether there is evidence that contemporary culture still harbors “magical” attachments to items of clothing or adornment. Remember the structure for essays in this class. Begin with an intro paragraph that is a summary of the essay, and the last sentence of that paragraph is your thesis statement. There are no citations or analysis in the intro, just a summary of the important details in the essay. A thesis is an arguable premise not a fact, so there is no right answer, only what you can prove.   Please observe MLA standard essay format: Papers must be typed and double-spaced. Use one-inch margins, and no larger than a 12 font. Use black ink and Arial or Times New Roman.   Requirements for a passing grade include: You need 6 or more paragraphs in this essay, an into, a conclusion and 4 or more body paragraphs   You need two or more direct quotes in each body paragraph You need eight or more sentences in each body paragraph You need four or more complete pages of text You need MLA in-text citations You need a Works Cited page containing five or more entries.  You need attention to correct grammar and sentence structure this paper considered a 0 because but there is no research here. Accessing the same article on several different platforms is not research. You need four different authors discussing what the prompt asks. Lurie is of course the fifth author whose name needs to be at the margin on the WC page

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