1.     Choose a topic related to macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate, lipids)   You must find an original RESEARCH ** article on your topic, from accredited journals, ( i.e., The Journal of Clinical Nutrition, JAMA, The New England Journal of Medicine, or any other relevant journals available on the library database).   Abstracts and non-journal articles will not be accepted.  You must submit the first 2 pages  of the article with your paper (so I know if it original research) , and each paper must include proper citations. IF you copy something directly, you must give credit.  Use APA formatting for the journal article. The paper will consist of the following components: 1.     Summarize your topic of choice, including the issues of concern or what research is being done and why.  2.     You must include a brief summary of the research article including what the name of the Journal was, what the objectives of the study were (what exactly was being studied – ie, methodology), who the subjects were, how many subjects were involved, what how the study was set up, how long the study was, and finally what the results and  conclusions were.  Don’t forget to note who funded the study (if you can find it) and if in any way you think there was any bias in the study.  3.     You must write your own conclusion/summary on the topic relating to the research you just read and what you learned from the readings.  This must be in your own words! 4.     The paper must be typed and checked for corrections. 5.     USE CITATIONS- anytime you quote or paraphrase the works of others, cite the source.  Plagiarism is unethical.  You can number the citations and list them at the end of the paper.  All citations must be written in APA format. This can all be put in a bibliography page at end of paper. YOUR PAPER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT JOURNAL CITATIONS.    TOPICS MUST BE SPECIFIC, i.e., not simply “vitamin c “ but “vitamin c and cancer prevention”, or not just” type 2 diabetes,” but “prevalence of type 2 diabetes and obesity in children”. **Research articles must have subjects, methods, experiments, and conclusions or else they are not research. Not all articles in journals are original research, so choose carefully.  Please speak with the librarian or me if you are not sure about the research you found to help you with this assignment. (Online students will need to contact librarian or see me if you need help). Each  paper should be 2  pages long (500 words double-spaced).   1.     Choose a topic related to macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate, lipids)

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