Mail-In Voting

1000 word formal research paper excluding the citations. Please don’t use extensive vocabulary but keep it formal. What are your thoughts about Mail-In Voting, and voting in general? President Trump says mail-in voting would lead to “massive voter fraud.” Do you think it can be done without massive voter fraud, or is he correct? Everyone agrees there is always some voter fraud. I guess the real question is how much fraud is acceptable? What is the definition of “massive voter fraud?” When 130 million people are voting for President do a couple of thousand fraudulent votes really matter? If we tighten up restrictions to prevent 10 fraudulent votes, we may prevent 10,000 legal voters from voting. Is that the right way to do it? What are the current rates of voter fraud? Discuss… General question to answer in conclusion: Is it better to keep one fraudulent voter from voting at a cost of 1000 legal voters, or is it better to let 1000 legal voters vote even if there is one fraudulent voter in there?

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