Major Depressive Disorder Debate

Topic: Alternative Treatments VS Pharmacological treatments for Major Depressive DisorderThe goal of this essay is to write a researched argument on a debatable topic. The final draft of your research paper should have a clear and specific thesis, and be organized to effectively express your ideas. It should be very polished: there should be very few, if any, errors in grammar, mechanics, or APA formatting. It should stay focused on supporting the assertion made by your thesis, and should cite and analyze your research sources in an orderly and effective way. Use the feedback and corrections you received on your Week 3 Draft as a starting point for revision. Also remember class lessons, Live sessions, reading assignments, discussion topics, etc. as you revise your draft toward the final submission.   The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages (1300-1500 words) in length.  It must be written according to APA format.  All sources must be documented using in-text (parenthetical) citations with matching references on the References pages.

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