This assignment assesses your knowledge about OM and the implementation of its different practices and strategies. Choose a product to introduce into the market. The product can be a newly re-designed version of an existing product or a completely new product. You will be an Australian manufacturing-based company. Develop a comprehensive OM management plan (strategy) covering the following topics in the context of your new product: 1. Define the operational performance objectives your firm wants to compete with: There must be consistency between your performance objectives and your OM plan (strategy) 2. Product design: Describe the different stages associated with your product. 3. Process strategy and layout design: What (manufacturing) process strategy and layout options are more relevant for your product and why? Propose a process layout including important indicators such as cycle time and a number of stages.  4. Capacity and planning: How will you measure capacity, and what capacity strategy is more appropriate and why? 5. Inventory management: What inventory management strategy is more appropriate and why?  6. Quality management: How would you implement a quality management strategy? 7. Supply chain management (SCM): What is an appropriate SCM strategy and why?  8. Sustainable operations: What operational strategy can you implement that contributes to sustainable operations.  Specifically, explain each of the topics above and describe how can these be implemented for your product. For this, a literature review is required, including academic material to provide justification and academic discussion on why each topic is relevant and why is relevant for your product  (minimum 1 academic reference per each topic). Report guidelines:  – Use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1.5-line spacing  – Use the MS Word default margin (Normal) – Expected structure and contents are:  • Title page  • Table of contents  • Introduction – description of the product selected, justification of selection, and how  OM can contribute to its success.  • OM plan including all relevant topic and literature review (9 topics above) • Conclusion  • References  • Appendices  – Word count: 3.000 words (The word count does not include the cover page, table of contents,  tables, graphics, references or appendices).

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