Management of Information Systems

“Finding a Payroll Solution”This unit focuses on the components that comprise an Information System and includes an examination of hardware, software, telecommunications, and data management. For this assignment, visit the web site, which offers reviews of various payroll solutions offered by a collection of vendors. Focus only on Payroll. While some of the solutions reviewed may include other functional areas, you want to limit your focus on just payroll. Your final project will give you an opportunity to broaden your review.For each of the solutions, locate an overall review of the system. This overview should give you details about the solution, including the software components, the technology requirements for the solution, the database requirements, and the system’s strengths and weaknesses.For the purposes of this assignment, you are the Director of Payroll for Company ABC. You have been asked to identify a potential payroll solution for the company. Based on your review, you are asked to recommend three of the systems to be reviewed for potential selection by a larger company finance team. Your recommendation is to be presented to the Chief Financial Officer, to whom you report.For this recommendation, prepare a 1000-word minimum paper that identifies why the 3 systems are being recommended. It should include an overview of the company that produces each of the software products, a general analysis of the 3 systems, as well as a comparison and contrast of each system to the others. This comparison and contrast should include overall functionality, technology and database requirements, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each system. In addition, you should research at least 2 companies that have installed these systems, documenting any known issues or benefits highlighted by your research. You are not required to include pricing or other financial information. However, please feel free to include the information if found. Most vendors require you to submit formal requests to gain access to pricing information. Your paper should:Be a minimim of 1000 words with the title page and reference pages excluded from the word count.Use APA format, but should not include an abstract.

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