Manager Interview

Choose one individual in a managerial position for your interview. DO NOT submit your final paper as a Question/Answer format. Rather, you should discuss the thoughts, comments, and/or observations resulting from an interview. The benefit of this assignment  is the insight you gain into the real managerial world, what you take away from the interview that will make you a better manager, or those practices/principles that you would emulate or avoid/alter. I am primarily interested in what you gained from the interview and what the interviewee said that would be of value to you in your own management activities. It is not necessary to discuss the interviewee’s background or history with an organization unless there is a lesson to be learned. You should consider what questions you want to ask an active manager that would help formulate your own managerial practices. Review the chapters in the text for ideas on areas of management that you would like to know more about from the manager interviewed. I will send some suggested questions in a separate mail but they are not intended as the only focus. Students in the past have asked for some suggestions for possible inquiry.Do not limit your inquiry to just a couple chapter topics. Questions related to managerial responsibilities and practices involving planning, organizing, decision making, leading, motivating, and communication, for example, could elicit critical insights for developing your own management style and practices.

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