Managerial Finance

After reading “Considering the Impact of the Tax Cuts and Job Bill” and “Preliminary Analysis of the Tax Cuts and Job Act” respond to questions 1-6 accordingly: Summarize the provisions of the tax bill and offer an analysis of the benefits to individuals and businesses. What do you anticipate will be the positive and negative effects of the reduction of taxes on the repatriation of foreign earnings for U.S. domestic companies? Contrast the benefits to small (pass through sub S or sole proprietorships) vs. large MNCs.  One of the tenants of capital formation theory is the benefit of debt due to tax deductibility. Does the tax bill change that dynamic and is it likely more companies will now use equity rather than debt to finance their operations? Are there other provisions in the tax bill that could impact sources of capital decisions? Does the tax bill threaten the ongoing validity of Modigliani and Miller’s Irrelevance Proposition? Argue and support your position with specific provisions of the act. Do you support or oppose the bill? Why? *Score of 99 on Grammarly required***************************

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